Dr Robert Gelb is the Best Hand Surgeon

Dr Robert Gelb is the Best Hand Surgeon Seriously. I woke up pretty early this morning, 5:00 am to be exact. Shorty, my brother and I packed into the car and made the 20 minute drive up to Dr Gelb’s Hospital to get my Ulnar Nerve Fixed. Now, I say Dr Gelb’s hospital on purpose. […]

Ulnar Nerve Surgery Day One

Ulnar Nerve Surgery Day One Today starts the first day in my journey to Ulnar Nerve transposition Surgery. The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at 8am, but the pre op fun stuff starts today so I figured I would involve you in this process. The first thing I did today was shave my balls. This […]

What is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

What is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome? It’s been a few day’s since I wrote, but there is good reason for this. See, I’m dying. Well,not really dying, but there are parts of me that are. Basically, I went to the doctor today, and he told me that my muscles in my left hand are dying. He […]