Asian Chicken Tender Recipe by David Feingold

asian chicken tenders by Fat Jewish Guy

David will be posting recipes on this blog, and also as well as David Feingold’s Google Plus page, David Feingold’s Facebook and twitter.

Justin Bieber Hates Jews and Whales

I got called a Fatty McWhale Pants tonight while in a twitter fight with a 15 year old Justin Beiber fan. I’m not exactly sure how it all started. Ok, I’m lying, I know exactly how it started, but first let me talk about my experience with the weight loss pill Topamax. As I am […]

Hottest Guy On Buzz (David Feingold)

It’s weird. Growing up, I was not considered attractive. My mother called me handsome, but you know that was my mom, she had to say that. So, imagine my surprise when I was contact today by the voices in my head and they told me that I, David Feingold was named the Hottest Guy on […]

Inspired By Amber

This past week was a week of reflection for me. After not having the surgery, I kept my answering machine the same hoping that maybe I could get some peace and quiet and that the rest would help my shoulder. Well, he rest didn’t help at all, but a friend of mine did. You can […]

Michael Jackson’s Jewish Eulogy

Michael Jackson died today in Los Angeles. I found out about it like most people did, on twitter while I was making number 2 in the toilet. My first thoughts and actually all my thoughts to this moment have been those of ridicule and jest. However, as I was watching MTV just now and the […]

Thoughts on my Palm Pre

The Palm Pre makes me happy. Only problem is that I can’t make a phone call on it. Yeah, I know, who would have thought that after 6 months of hype, after waiting in line for hours, after playing with it at the Sprint store, that I would have thought to test the actual call […]

Would Twitter Have Stopped The Holocaust

Would Twitter Have Stopped The Holocaust Dear Jesus. I have realized the error of my way. I can’t believe that my mother raised me Jewish. It’s not fair. All I got was a big nose and a small penis. How can I get in your good graces? Shhhhhh… I’m not really writing a letter to […]