Opting Out

What a week it’s been. Joe Torre is now the Dodgers manager. Arod is no longer a Yankee. Boston wins the World Series. I just ate 4 bowls of chicken soup. Let me explain a bit more. They weren’t full bowls. They did each have a matzah ball in them though. Now personally, I like […]


Long day. It’s finally over though. As I sit here with a room half full of suit cases and half unpacked, I think about new beginnings. New chapters in ones life. New flavors of Kosher ramen noodles. They are called Tradition. Cost 4 times as much. But are delicious. So while somethings change. While things […]

Hernia Waiting To Happen

It’s late. It’s been a while since it was 1:30 in the morning and I am not being woken up by some kind of illness or disease. I actually am starting to feel better. Energy. Wow. Maybe it’s the soup. Could even be my shaking of the lulav every day. I tend to think though […]