SmokeStik or Ipad

It’s 5am, the goddesses are asleep, my tiger blood is cold and my arm hurts. Yes, the same hand that my Ulnar Nerve Transposition surgery tried to fix a few years ago, still causes me great pain, but there are two things in my life that can reduce that pain, an Ipad and a SmokeStik […]

Boardwalk Empire makes me want to smoke

I had been waiting for weeks for the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire to start. The TIVO was set, I blocked off an hour and me and Shorty sat in front of the TV ready to watch something that didn’t have to do with wedding dresses, top models, or cooking shows. I was excited. Then […]

Chrissa Carolyn I’m Sorry You are So Hot!

Chrissa Carolyn I’m Sorry You are So Hot! At sundown one of the holiest day’s of the Jewish Year begins. Jews from all over the world will gather at their places of worship and pray for their souls. One of the hardest things to do is apologize when you did something and even harder is […]

Is Cheryl Burke Jewish?

I’m not one to watch Dancing with the Stars, especially since I already danced with a star who was on that show. You don’t remember, really? Me cutting a rug in Vegas with uber shiksa hottie Stacy Keibler? Well, I remember, and I’m not saying anything happened, but if it did, I can’t talk about […]

How to eat a watermelon

Let me correct myself. The title of this post should be, “how to eat a 14 pound watermelon.” Actually, maybe I should have called it, “how to eat a 14 pound watermelon without spending the whole night peeing” Such is my life, I was hungry and with fat out of the picture and trying not […]


SmokeStik. The past 4 months can only be described in one word. SmokeStik. Before you think that Fat Jewish Guy has become a shill for an Electric Cigarette Company, you should read on to hear my explanation. Starting in April, life became a bit intense. Since I didn’t want to have to censor myself, I […]

Rumer Willis is Ugly

So much is happening in the world today. America is on the verge of a race riot. Health care is being debated. Libya is back in the news. So much is going on. However, I want to address something that has been bothering me for about a year now. Rumer Willis’ ugly man face. Now, […]