Where is Michael Jackson’s Star?

When I woke up this morning, Shorty was gone. She was house hunting and I dreaded going so I turned on the television, watched soccer and ate a cantaloupe. After USA lost in a predictable heart breaker to Brazil, I decided that I wanted falafel. It was such a nice day out and I didn’t […]

Cake Farts

Cake Farts Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Let me give you an example. Today I woke up at 2pm after finally getting to bed at 7am. My arm had finally stopped hurting long enough for me to sleep and my body rested for 7 hours until I got up with my arm searing in […]

Rent is not Stomp

Rent is not Stomp I used up 120 out of my 525,600 minutes tonight. It was actually quite funny what happened, and of course I am about to share the story with you. Shorty, wanted to go see Rent with her friend. She asked me if I wanted to come and was very surprised when […]

I Might be Gay, Racist and Sexist

I Might be Gay Racist and Sexist Before you get nervous and think that I am switching teams, don’t worry, I’m not. I am definitely still HOT and believe it or not, other people seem to think so. Yup, I was recently named the “Hottest Guy on Facebook,” by well, me. (but who’s counting) Anyway, […]

Why Black Men are Different

Why Black Men are Different Before you accuse me of racism, I implore you to keep an open mind and keep reading. Yes, it’s true, black men are different then white men and I finally have proof. Now, I am not talking about brains, ability or even the size of their you know what. I […]

Will I be Loved Like Paul Newman When I Die?

Will I be Loved Like Paul Newman When I Die? I watched the Academy Awards tonight, which is surprising because Shorty was out of town. Yup, I thought that I was going to spend the night with some good old Law and Order, but I had to see for myself if this years “Oscars” were […]

How to Make Fried Rice

How to Make Fried Rice In honor of President’s Day, Shorty and I decided to stimulate the economy and buy some dinner. We had gone out to the Palm Springs desert to get away for a few days, relax in the sun and frolic by the pool. (editors note, I do not know why I […]