Rosh Hashanah Recipes

As a kid I used to love it when the holiday came around. We would eat a great dinner, then get our Rosh Hashanah present, then not want to wake up in the morning to go to synagogue, then sneak out for bathroom breaks, then eat some more and the cycle got repeated. Now, before […]

Dear Oprah I may be a Grobanite

Dear Oprah, I was trying to get my girlfriend to rub my back tonight so I had to endure watching your show. I must say that I did not know there were such things as Grobanites, (those who love Josh Groban), but shorty seemed to know and understand this phenomenon. It was definitely interesting seeing […]

Tacos are Crunchy Burgers

I’m not bulimic anymore! To celebrate tonight was taco night. Shorty and I went to the market and got come taco seasoning, shells, tomatoes and a lime. I hadn’t had tacos in a while and was excited to see how they came out. Needless to say that they came out great. Wait a second. I […]

How To Fix a Car With a Hamburger

Of course my car wouldn’t start again. It didn’t just happen at any old time though, it happened when I needed to take my mother to the airport. You cannot imagine the fear that I felt when I realized that she might not make it on time. No, it was not fear that she would […]

Funny Comic Con Video

Yup, I got a lap dance at Comic Con. Even better, I got a lap dance at Comic Con while sitting in Captain Kirk’s chair. Anyway, that is what I was doing while Shorty was putting away the stuff in our new place. I came home late last night and was shocked at how empty […]

Free Food at Costco

Normally I don’t miss large gaps of time on this website, but I was passed out drunk in Tijuana and just made it back over the border. This is that story. I woke up in a pool of my own vomit today, no wallet and no memory of last night. Sounds like a great beginning […]

Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips Shorty and I finally found a place today. Hopefully we will sign the lease tomorrow. However, this now opens up a whole new slew of issues. Now, instead of shopping for apartments I have to shop for furniture and stuff. I wish I knew how to decorate. This guy does, I will learn […]