Last Post In My 20’s

Thirty years and nine months ago my parents made whoopie. Dad was probably dancing to the sweet sounds of KC and the Sunshine Band. Mom was doing the hustle. And after a long night of cigarettes and disco they made a baby. It was a long 9 months, but it was worth it as a […]

A Random Commandment

One of the commandments tells you, “though shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” Well, I don’t covet anyone. I don’t even know what that means. Actually, if I were to covet anything it would be the awesome rice crispy treat that I am eating right now at the Egyptian Tea Room. So here is the […]

Fat Jewish Radio Does 3 Hour Show!

We had a great radio show tonight. 252 listeners that I know of. It’s been a short 5 weeks and I am honored to have that kind of following. I had a great radio guest, Karen from Ohio. But Delicious took the cake. (not her real name, protecting the innocent) She told me in detail […]