Bruno Movie Quotes

Vasssup? My Name is Bruno! I actually punched a guy in the face when he said that to me tonight. Actually, I didn’t but I wanted to. See, after 3 years I finally got to see Bruno. It’s weird, this week is my three year anniversary in California, and I remember how I dragged my […]

OrangeLime Sexy is Organic

OrangeLime Sexy is Organic There is an organic movement afoot and I don’t get it. I went to the market to buy apples. They had nice red ones for 88 cents a pound. Then they had blemished brown ones that were certified “organic” and they were 4 dollars a pound. I’m confused. It’s a freaking […]

Roger Clemens Sex Scandal

Roger Clemens Sex Scandal So much to talk about. I went to the Vet today to pick up Bagel. He had been in the refrigerator all weekend awaiting a necropsy. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t you mean autopsy? That’s what I thought. Apparently autopsy is only for humans, and since Bagel was a […]

Sex And The City Movie Reviewed

Sex And The City Movie Reviewed I could have sworn that it was Sex in the City, but I was wrong. It’s sex and the city. I get it now, like the city is a character in the lives of these four women. The movie started off where the show left off. Carrie was engaged […]

Texas Polygamist Church Sex Bed Video

Texas Polygamist Church Sex Bed Video Ok, this whole Texas Polygamist Church thing is funny as hell. Not only did they have a “sex” bed but they also preached racism. Let me explain. They actually taught their members that all people were born white and when they were bad they turned black. I am not […]

Barack Obama Drugs Gay Sex Video

Barack Obama Drugs Gay Sex Video First of all, I need to say that today was weird. This site had gone down do to being Digged. Yup. People like the site so much that it went down. Weird huh? Then I found out that my laptop was recalled and I have to send it back. […]

Bad Ass Coffee

Yup. This place exists. Somewhere in LA there is a coffee shop bearing that name. I walk in there and get a cup. “One coffee please.” They had no idea what I ordered. Do i want full body or medium? I said large. She was like no, what kind of coffee do I want. I […]