Fat Jewish Guy Back In San Diego

Fat Jewish Guy Back In San Diego Well after a week on the Easy Coast, I finally arrived back in California. Today started off well. I mean how cold it be considered anything bt? We had smoked salmon, cream cheese, sable, baked salmon, veggies, Swiss Cheese all on a poppyseed flagel. What’s a flagel you […]

Sick Tired Stand Up Comedy

Sick Tired San Diego Stand Up Comedy Sorry I didn’t write last night. But, I am sick. So much pain. Went right to bed. Then, this morning, I did the unthinkable. To the doctors. Not in Mexico this time. But a real doctor. From South Africa. Tonsillitis. Blocked salivary gland. Now, it’s time for bed. […]

Fat Jewish Guy Has Left The Building

Finally, I am home. After 4 days in Las Vegas, the plane landed at 6:50 pm. Never happier to be back in San Diego. Let’s start in the morning. I woke up to the Vegas sunshine filling my room and burning my eyes. Went downstairs to spin the wheel. Let me explain. When you join […]

San Diego is Burning

Have you ever eaten a Pizzookie? It is a cookie baked like a pizza. I had one last night and while the fires were raging outside, inside my belly there was just plain warmth. I don’t know if it’s the way they make it or just the fact that their recipe is good, but the […]

Fire & Hot Women

This fire is crazy. The sky is gray. The air smells like a BBQ. There is a fine coat of ash covering everything in site. We went to the market to buy food and you would think that the world is coming to an end. This is really really crazy. I am used to snow […]

A Three Hour Tour

Call me Feingold. A few hours ago – it doesn’t matter exactly how many – being broke and having no money in my pocket, nothing really interesting was happening back in San Diego, I thought I would explore the watery ways that is the pacific ocean. Having never really been on a boat I wasn’t […]