Outed as a cripple

Thoracic Outlet picture

It’s always fun to be in the news for something, when I was a child it was the local Jewish paper taking pictures of me at local Amish camp, which made no sense considering I was Jewish.  As the years wore on in college I made the paper for going to some rallies and then in 2003 […]

Philadelphia Pain Management Doctors

Hot College Girl Tanning on the Beach

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time and I mean a long time, since I had stopped writing for a few years, you know that I have something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (or TOS) If you’re not familiar with TOS, let me just explain to that it is a horrible, horrible condition […]

Best Northern Liberties Real Estate Agents

If you are going to buy some real estate in Northern Liberties then contact Abe Haupt. More on that in a second. However, if you want to have freaky sex with a real estate agent or at least fantasize about them while they are showing you properties, you should consider some of these ladies. First […]

I am a Fat Jewish Guy

I am a Fat Jewish Guy LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “Fat American Idol” runner-up Fat Jewish Guy has told Rolling Stone magazine he is fat, answering a question that followed the comedian for months since he gained millions of fans on the No. 1 U.S. TV talent show. “I don’t think it should be a […]

Those Crazy Israelis

Those Crazy Israelis I kind of feel like Bill Cosby today. Yes, I like Jello, but not for that reason. No, it’s not because I went to Temple University and am from Philly either. I know what you’re thinking, you are both black. Well, sort of, but no. See, a few years ago, Bill Cosby […]

Football Players Cry

My heart was broken today. No, things are ok with Shorty. No, they had those little vanilla creamers this morning at 7-11. My heart didn’t break over the fact that I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch. However, I got very upset at the site of TO crying after the loss to the NY […]

Eye Of The Tiger

I may be delusional. There is a slight possibility of this. Let me explain. With 8 minutes left in the Eagles game today, down by 24 points, I totally expected that we would come back. I mean, it’s the Eagles were are talking about. Any other football team I would have turned off the game […]