How to Properly Atone

How to properly atone. On the eve of this Yom Kippur, I started reflecting. Reflecting on the past year and everything that I accomplished. True, there are some things I need to apologize for. I need to say I am sorry for not taking care of my diabetes, but in my defense, candy is just […]

Tina Fey Sends Fat Jewish Guy a Twitter

Tina Fey Sends Fat Jewish Guy a Twitter So now this is getting crazy. Last night, Tina Fey had responded to my twitter feed directly. See, besides Obama’s Chocolate Nuts, I also have the website Sarah Palin’s Vagina. More on that in a second. Anyway, today was a great day! Started off with some brunch […]

Thanksgiving in July

Thanksgiving in July I love Palm Springs. True, it was about 120 degrees today. Even the pool was 90. But still, I woke up to a great homemade breakfast. French toast and something called steel cut oatmeal. I don’t care how it’s cut, I stayed away from that. Lunch was burgers and hot dogs, but […]

Obama Shirts Playboy Playmates

Obama Shirts Playboy Playmates Today was surreal to say the least. Fox Business News, Tom Sullivan Radio show, q101 in Chicago, Chicago Sun Times and so many more. I can only say that I am shocked that Jesse Jackson used the term that he did about Obama’s Nuts, but in this age of politics I […]

Thank You Jesse Jackson For Loving Obamas Nuts

Thank You Jesse Jackson For Loving Obamas Nuts I went to the dentist today. Thought I was getting a root canal, but that’s gonna be next Wednesday. Today was just a cleaning. I did get some gas, however, because I am scared. Yeah, I know I am a little baby, but still I HATE the […]

Obama For Change Shirt

Obama For Change Shirt has the best Barack Obama Clothing in the world. But, that’s not why I am writing today. I want to talk about the stupid stuff you see in the Sky Mall catalog. Granted, I could spend 100,000 dollars in that catalog and still not be happy. I want that submarine, […]

Living With Diabetes Fat Jewish Guy Style

I have Diabetes. And you don’t. Well, maybe you do, but lets be honest, this is about me right now. Woke up this morning and made some fried chicken. Then had a handful of Obama’s Chocolate Balls and washed it down with some club soda. Drove to the doctor’s office and was 30 minutes late […]