I am tired. A Prime Rib and a Rib Eye in one day, not to mention a 1/4 pound hot dog will do that to you. I will fill you in on Vegas when the time is right. Meaning tomorrow. However, I will leave you with this amazing nugget of wisdom. I see a cigarette […]

I Have A Dream Let The Taco Bell Ring

Go back to New York, go back to West Palm Beach, go back to Fort Lauderdale, go back to Philadelphia, go back to Beverly Hills, go back to the suburbs and gated communities of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed. Let us not wallow in the valley of […]

Obama Shirts Taste Like Ju Ju Bees

Obama Shirts. They don’t really taste like Ju Ju Bees. I haven’t ever really tasted an Obama Shirt. What I can tell you is that Ju Ju Bees are awesome. I ate 3 movie theater sized boxes today. Football deserves something sweet no? As I am polishing off my candy, I am thinking of cool […]