Obama Shirts Playboy Playmates

Obama Shirts Playboy Playmates Today was surreal to say the least. Fox Business News, Tom Sullivan Radio show, q101 in Chicago, Chicago Sun Times and so many more. I can only say that I am shocked that Jesse Jackson used the term that he did about Obama’s Nuts, but in this age of politics I […]

Lazy Fed Ex Driver

Lazy Fed Ex Driver Finally, I met someone who is lazier then I am. Look, I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I can be honest. Sometimes, I am lazy. Well, not really lazy, but more like procrastinating. Anyway, I was waiting for a delivery today. I was getting a box of Obama […]

Obama For Change Shirt

Obama For Change Shirt Shirtpoppin.com has the best Barack Obama Clothing in the world. But, that’s not why I am writing today. I want to talk about the stupid stuff you see in the Sky Mall catalog. Granted, I could spend 100,000 dollars in that catalog and still not be happy. I want that submarine, […]

Hamas Hates Obama Shirts

Hamas Hates Obama Shirts Why did I write that headline? Why would Hamas hate Obama shirts? Well, that’s because after today’s deplorable terrorist attack in Jerusalem I believe just that. Hamas or other terrorist organizations would never allow an Obama Shirt that says, “Bro’s Before Hos.” Never would they allow a shirt that says, “I […]

Obama Shirts Are Big Business So Is Jewish Porn

Obama Shirts Are Big Business So Is Jewish Porn Basically, I figured out today that Barack Obama or any political shirts are big business. Why? Because there is no copyright protection to a politician under the law. I could be wrong. Fat Jewish Guy is not a lawyer. He is a Fat Jewish Guy, who […]

3 Little Words My Political Satire

Obama Shirts I spent 5 hours of my life on this video. Managed to eat pasta in vodka sauce and some ice cream. Was so wired doing the editing and it had nothing to do with the coffee or the liquid candy. Adrenaline. Attention to detail. Looking at Hot Chicks. Wait, did I say that? […]

A Shot Glass Full of Cake

A Shot Glass Full of Cake. Let’s get back to basics here. I know I have talked about Hot Jewish Girls, Pedro Martinez Cock Fighting Video, Obama Shirts, Giants Super Bowl Shirts and other stuff lately, but today I made an amazing discovery. Let me go back for a second. First off, I woke up […]