Windows 7 Hacks

With the launch of windows 7 today I figured that I would give you the top 10 windows 7 hacks that I found. 1) If you hit the s k and shift key while tapping the question mark 7 times the genie from the Pee Wee Herman Show pops up and says, “Meka Leka Hi […]

Ulnar Nerve Surgery Day One

Ulnar Nerve Surgery Day One Today starts the first day in my journey to Ulnar Nerve transposition Surgery. The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at 8am, but the pre op fun stuff starts today so I figured I would involve you in this process. The first thing I did today was shave my balls. This […]

Amber Lee Ettinger with David Feingold Photo Shoot Pictures

Amber Lee Ettinger with David Feingold Photo Shoot Pictures I know it’s been a week since I posted, and believe me I miss this website. It’s just been a bit crazy, between website launches, work,  and eating. But, perhaps the craziest thing that happened to me this week, was doing a photo shoot with model […]

Barack Obama Cured My Diabetes

Barack Obama Cured My Diabetes When I woke up yesterday my blood sugar was a bit high. My left arm was still numb. My head hurt from thinking about the dental work I still needed done. I was getting stressed out thinking about my student loans and all the work I had to do. Then […]

Obama Girl Christmas Card

Obama Girl Christmas Card Check this out. My “other” girlfriend sent me this card today. My “real” girlfriend made me steak on the BBQ. Wonder who wins that fight? Obama Girl vs Shorty. Can I make that happen? Maybe in my dreams. Jello Fight! Funny Tech Videos

Sagiv Assulin Girl

Sagiv Assulin Girl I was gonna name this blog post, Saxby Feingold, since I absolutely love that name. If I had that name, I would be invited to all the country clubs. But, I don’t. I’m stuck with the very Jewy name, David Feingold. But, whatever. I came across this video. If It looks a […]

Obama Girl on Bill Oreilly

Obama Girl on Bill O’Reilly What a day. It started out with cold pizza. (you would think that would make it a good day.) Yes, the pizza from last night was waiting for me as I got out of bed this morning. Two slices, some garlic bread and coffee makes for a great breakfast. Then, […]