Home for a Minute

Home for a Minute Maybe not a minute, but only for the next 24 hours. Then it’s off to NY, where I plan on eating at an “authentic Houston” type eatery. Just kidding. Bagels, hot dogs, kinishes, deli… I cannot wait. From what I gather it’s gonna be cold back East. Just a few weeks […]

Toasted Everything Bagel With Salmon Spread

Well, I made it to New York. Not only that, but I got my own private limo. Well not really, but I was the only one on the bus from the airport, so I guess that counts. Flight was good, once again, free upgrade, but apparently an upgrade on Frontier does not get you an […]

Gonna Be A Part Of It

Gonna Be A Part Of It 24 short hours from now, I’ll be on a plane. Going back East. New York. Can’t wait. I won’t be flying under my real name though. Just call me Client 11. Fat Jewish Guy can’t wait. I’m coming home!

Back in San Diego

Back in San Diego. Not much different than Florida, except that there is no humidity. Gas is more expensive. The pizza doesn’t taste as good. Time is 3 hours behind. The ocean is on the wrong side. However, there is no place I would rather be. Well, maybe New York. Did you see Saturday Night […]

You’re So Lame

Now I can tell you. It’s been a crazy week. I went to New York on Friday to take part in this video. it was a long shoot, but fun as hell. I ate some good food and met some great people. Amber (obama girl) was a great sport as well as Sena, Dani, Ben, […]

Fat Jewish Guy Time warp

I can’t believe that I was in New York just this morning. Bu some modern miracle, I took off at 6 am, flew for 8 hours and landed at 10. I think it has something to do with a flex capacitor, but I wasn’t sure. San Diego hasn’t changed much since I left. The airport, […]

Barbadoro Triplets and Brunch

See that look in my eye? That’s called happiness. I am eating real NY pizza, on the set of a music video, surrounded by HOT women. People do drugs to get to this level of euphoria. I just needed some dough, cheese and sauce. The day started with my waking up to brunch. This is […]