Philadelphia Pain Management Doctors

Hot College Girl Tanning on the Beach

If you’ve been following this blog for a long time and I mean a long time, since I had stopped writing for a few years, you know that I have something called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (or TOS) If you’re not familiar with TOS, let me just explain to that it is a horrible, horrible condition […]

5 Things Kim Kardashian can do to shock us

It is supposed to snow in Los Angeles this weekend which got me thinking about what other things could happen which were out of the ordinary. Yes Muammar Gaddafi could show up at the Oscars to go a dance routine with Anne Hathaway, but we would expect that in Hollywood and too predictable, also Gaddafi […]

Max Eli Style Lounge

I accidentally got a Faux Hawk today. I also realized that there are no fat metrosexuals. Let me explain. Waking up today was hard due to the fact that I was up late working on super secret stuff last night. (I will not confirm nor deny that I am perfecting flubber) So, it was a […]

Screw You Samsung and Sprint

Dear Sprint and Samsung, First the good news. I love the Samsung Moment. It’s actually the best phone I have ever owned. I can hear on it, I love web browsing on it, and the features are cool. My friend happens to disagree though. Let me explain. Today I was working on something when I […]

San Francisco Firewood Delivery

San Francisco´╗┐ firewood delivery is a really hard topic for me to write about. See, here is the issue…I have no idea how to spell san francisco. Yes, I know it is spelled properly in this blog post, but that is only because I keep the correct spelling on my clip board and cut and […]

Ulnar Nerve Surgery Update (Mr. Happy Crack Edition)

It’s been a while since I wrote and that is my fault. During this time I have eaten more turkey than an Ethiopian will ever eat in their life, ridden about 20 miles on a bike (not all at once) and discovered where to buy the mythical Jello Pudding Pop. I was eating some chicken […]

When Big Dogs Die Young

Just like Shaq, I will die by the age of 60. I went to the doctor today for a checkup. This is a new doctor, one not named Kevorkian and one that I didn’t find on the internet. The guy I saw today is Jewish, works out of a hospital and has an office with […]