September, Gateway to Seasonal Depression

Ahh September. When I was younger I dreaded this month. School started, summer was over and the bedtime came back into play. As I grew older, however, summer marked long drunken weekends in the sun, happy hours that last until midnight and rollerblading on West River Drive. Yet, summer as a vacation stopped existing and […]

The Kosher Cheese Steak

As you may have figured out by now, I live in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, or “Philly” truly has some great features. We have a vibrant night life, we are rich in history and apparently we even have a Midtown. One of our gifts to society as a whole though comes in an edible form. No I […]

What if Jesus Were Jewish?

Oh I forgot, he was. – Feel the fatness!

Our Tsunami?

The devastation will be felt for months and even years. Hurricane Katrina ripped through the South like Anna Nicole and a ham sandwich, leaving a path of destruction in it’s wake. I called up my cousin yesterday to see if he was ok as he is living in Mobile, Alabama. He told me that he […]

Vote For BiBi

So my man BiBi is running again for office. Its about time. While this may be my most controversial post to date (and there have only been 2) I have to lay it out on the line. What happened two weeks ago was a disgrace. Ariel Sharon should never have given back Gaza and parts […]

Rittenhouse Square

So I am sitting here on 18th street in Philadelphia, an area which has been dubbed Rittenhouse Square by the posh Philadelphia elite. Recently with the advent of the Continental Midtown, one of the newest Steven Starr creations, the area is now prone to a name change. Yes, I am referring to people trying to […]

Blog Cherry Popped.

Wow….I just entered the world of blogging. Why? Actually I have no idea. Maybe I want to be rich and famous like Drudge. Or maybe I just want to have a bully pulpit from which to shower praise or wrath on current events and the state of the world. I don’t really have an answer, […]