It’s Not Pink…It’s Champagne

Spending 4 hours at Radio Shack is not considered at date. However, you get to know a lot about someone when you do. I learned that I am totally ADD. No question. I learned that she is something special. No doubt in my mind. Maybe she likes dating big kids? Who knows. But afterwards, i […]

Right Back Where We Started From

Woke up and my body hurt. I can’t be getting sick again. No way. I mean, I live such a healthy lifestyle, how could it be? So, I get dressed and go to this lunch meeting. The people were cool. Non threatening, and one of them was actually from Philly. It was cool. We sat […]

Wiz Wit

You know, it’s not like me to not have a post up before I go to sleep. Normally, I am on top of that. However last night I ate a steak sandwich. That kind of changes everything. As I fell into a Philly trance, Rocky music filling my head. I faded away into a Pats, […]

Eye Of The Tiger

I may be delusional. There is a slight possibility of this. Let me explain. With 8 minutes left in the Eagles game today, down by 24 points, I totally expected that we would come back. I mean, it’s the Eagles were are talking about. Any other football team I would have turned off the game […]

You Dig On That Homie?

Shabbat. That is Hebrew for eating. This is how it broke down. Went to synagogue this morning. Then there was Kiddish. That pretty much meant tuna fish, egg salad, crackers, brownies and soda. Ok, by that time I was full. Then, after a brisk 1 1/2 mile walk came the feast. I kid you not. […]

Mind If We Dance With Your Dates?

I can’t believe that I actually was in a race against the clock today. I mean I woke up and had things to do. Nothing more out of the ordinary then usual, but today was different. Today, i had to be ready before sundown. Why? Because I moved into an apartment that keeps the sabbath. […]

Opting Out

What a week it’s been. Joe Torre is now the Dodgers manager. Arod is no longer a Yankee. Boston wins the World Series. I just ate 4 bowls of chicken soup. Let me explain a bit more. They weren’t full bowls. They did each have a matzah ball in them though. Now personally, I like […]