20 Year Old Stripper Watching Back to the Future

Yes, that is what I did tonight and yes she was a HOT stripper. Anyway let me go back. I’ve been sick the past week and tonight I was supposed to get some more rest. Shorty went away and I decided to be bad while she was gone. So, I went to the yogurt place […]

I Belong to Who?

I was on the phone with my Shorty and she was upset. She really started going off on the things I was saying. Seriously, she doesn’t get my humor and it sucks. Upstairs in my office on a Tuesday night I get to watch Law and Order and don’t have to watch the same shows […]

The Story of Passover (Law and Order Edition)

Passover is upon us and some people don’t know what happened in the bible. Last time, I wrote about the Story of Purim and today I will write about how the Jews left Egypt. However, in true Fat Jewish Guy fashion, I will do it as if it was a Law and Order Episode. Here […]

Tonight I Rest

Tonight I Rest Doctor’s orders. I got yelled at. No blog tonight. Law and Order, food and a pillow. That’s my future.


6 hours to surgery. Today was all about doctors. First I went to get my second opinion. The guy came out with large scars on his forearms. I started wondering who did this doctor’s surgery and maybe I should just go to him. Anyway, the doctor agreed with the first doctor so the stage was […]

Will I be Loved Like Paul Newman When I Die?

Will I be Loved Like Paul Newman When I Die? I watched the Academy Awards tonight, which is surprising because Shorty was out of town. Yup, I thought that I was going to spend the night with some good old Law and Order, but I had to see for myself if this years “Oscars” were […]

Billy Crystal Yankees Player

Ashley Dupré sex tape Billy Crystal Yankees Player So, Billy Crystal was able to live out my fantasy today. True, he struck out, but still he got to play. Me? I got to sit at home sick and then teach Hebrew School. Ok, I also got to eat sushi with Shorty and watch Law and […]