Infected root canal and pain killing mouth Joe

Mouth with an infected tooth

The title of this post was supposed to be “infected root canal and painkilling mouth gel”, however, my stupid voice recognition combined with my East Coast accent and infected post root canal tooth, decided that I was trying to say “mouth Joe”

Challenging G-d to a Duel

I scheduled surgery for Tuesday morning at 5am. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, especially for me who has already had two surgeries this year, but you see, I am Jewish and Rosh Hashanah is on Friday night. Still don’t see the connection? Let me explain. On Rosh Hashanah Jews traditionally beg g-d for […]

Ancient Romans had Small Packages

What would Nero do? While the economy is crumbling, the nation is divided and Los Angeles is burning down, I decided to do what every good Nero would do. I went to Malibu. There is a place there called The Getty Villa and it may sound familiar because it was just featured in the show […]

Jewish Shark Week

Yes! Shark week is officially upon us. Seriously, I wait all year for this and since I now have a 50 inch Plasma HD TV, this year it it is officially considered awesome. As I sat down and watched the action, I started thinking…. (yes, here is where it gets dangerous) According to the people […]

How Obama Should Fix Health Care

My Plan to Fix out Health Care System. Now that I moved to Los Angeles I am eating a lot of Falafel. There are so many falafel places in “The Valley” that I like to eat at them all. Today, as I was heading to my favorite falafel place, I passed a sign that said […]

Is Annie Duke Hitler ?

Is Annie Duke Hitler Watching the celebrity Apprentice today while eating Chicken Corn Chinese Soup, I had what we call in the business “a thought.” Now, I’m not sure if you know what “a thought” is, but basically it’s something that pops up into your head during a commercial that makes you ponder a question […]

The Story of Purim (modern version with bikinis)

The Story of Purim (modern version with bikinis) Purim is coming up, and so I decided to tell you the story of Purim. I used to teach Hebrew School, so I am pretty familiar with it, but I figured I would update the story to make it more modern and up to date with the […]