The real Fat Jew by Ratter

fat jewish guy David Feingold the origional fatjjew

Today I got a nice surprise, via a short interview I did with the guys from Ratter FatJewishGuy vs Fat Jew. You can contact me at if you need to and I would love to hear from you. The sporadic nature of this website over the past ear or so is due to m […]

Lunch with TMZ’s Harvey Levin

I didn’t really have lunch with Harvey Levin from TMZ. I just had an interesting conversation with him today regarding Ben Roethlisberger’s religion. You see, I wanted to let Harvey know that Ben Roethlisberger was in no way Jewish. Harvey then asked me if he was Polish. I replied that I didn’t know, and that […]

Best Northern Liberties Real Estate Agents

If you are going to buy some real estate in Northern Liberties then contact Abe Haupt. More on that in a second. However, if you want to have freaky sex with a real estate agent or at least fantasize about them while they are showing you properties, you should consider some of these ladies. First […]

Justin Bieber Hates Jews and Whales

I got called a Fatty McWhale Pants tonight while in a twitter fight with a 15 year old Justin Beiber fan. I’m not exactly sure how it all started. Ok, I’m lying, I know exactly how it started, but first let me talk about my experience with the weight loss pill Topamax. As I am […]