Hawaiian Tropic Zone Las Vegas

Well, I am back. Finally after 4 days in Sin City its back to San Diego and reality for me. I had so much good food, met so many cool people, and partied my ass off with Playmates, Penthouse Pets, Celebs and had an amazing time. However it’s time to sleep as I have an […]


I am tired. A Prime Rib and a Rib Eye in one day, not to mention a 1/4 pound hot dog will do that to you. I will fill you in on Vegas when the time is right. Meaning tomorrow. However, I will leave you with this amazing nugget of wisdom. I see a cigarette […]

Priceline is a Rip Off

Priceline is a Rip Off. I am to tired to even rant about how much of a horrible, shady company priceline is. Let’s just say, I have a 6am Sunday morning flight. Besides being tired all day though, I was crying. Why was fat jewish guy sad? Heath Ledger. He was so dreamy. It’s such […]

I Have A Dream Let The Taco Bell Ring

Go back to New York, go back to West Palm Beach, go back to Fort Lauderdale, go back to Philadelphia, go back to Beverly Hills, go back to the suburbs and gated communities of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed. Let us not wallow in the valley of […]

Football Players Cry

My heart was broken today. No, things are ok with Shorty. No, they had those little vanilla creamers this morning at 7-11. My heart didn’t break over the fact that I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch. However, I got very upset at the site of TO crying after the loss to the NY […]

What Is Splenda?

It’s late. 4 am to be exact. Long day. Not hard, but long. Teaching was awesome. We made cookie maps of Israel. Let me explain. The cookie dough was rolled out and a cut out map of Israel was plaved above it. Then, using a plastic knife, we cut out Israel. The dead sea was […]

Foam Head

Saturday. Not a bad day. I had some hot chocolate, chicken and pasta. I probably ate some other stuff, but I had a stomach ache. I wonder if the whole pizza from yesterday had anything to do with it. Probably not. It was the two hot dogs. I’m not sure. what I am sure of […]