The real Fat Jew by Ratter

fat jewish guy David Feingold the origional fatjjew

Today I got a nice surprise, via a short interview I did with the guys from Ratter FatJewishGuy vs Fat Jew. You can contact me at if you need to and I would love to hear from you. The sporadic nature of this website over the past ear or so is due to m […]

Patti Stanger and Dancing Arab Midgets

Patti Stanger and Dancing Arab Midgets Last weeks post about Dancing Arab Midgets was so popular that I decided to give you another one. You know, as I watch these videos, even though I can’t stop laughing, I kind of feel a bit sad. The midget in this video has a mother and a father. […]

Mario Lopez Loves Fat Jewish Guy But Where is Allison

I am still in shock that I was on the red carpet at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone opening in Las Vegas over the weekend. It’s been two days since I got home, and I still catch myself flashing back to the weekend and wondering when I will get to go back. Just kidding. I catch […]