100 Calorie Scam

So, Shorty tells me today that she bought 100 calorie Oreo Cookie packs. I was excited to try them. 100 Calories? This was gonna be amazing, I figured that I could eat like 5 packs and it would be cool. I was so excited that all I ate today was pretzels. (Shhh….”borrowed” them from a […]

I Wish I Was Roger Clemens

If only I could be injected with an anti smoking steroid. I would also take it in the belly button. Or, maybe in the butt. Still not sure. All I know is that I am going crazy. But, it is almost over. It’s been two and a half days and while I am driving Shorty […]

Hot Jewish Girls

So, my endorsement worked. Barack Obama won Iowa and can look forward to getting “Howard Deaned” by the Democratic establishment soon. That doesn’t concern me so much as the fact that I am trying to quit smoking. It is the worst pain imaginable. So, not fair. Why do the tobacco companies do this to us? […]