1990s #loveconnection

My awkward love connection (not with this woman)

It’s been a while since I’ve written and there are reasons for that, but I got contacted by someone who asked me for some sort of love connection that I have had. It could’ve been something. An awkward date, some kind of relationship thing who knows, there has been much love in my life. So, […]

Lane Bryant Commercial Parody Videos

I have finally found a new topic to talk about besides Obama and HOT girls. I have moved on and we now have a sister website Fat’sNotCool.com Yup, now, I can talk about Lane Bryant and Fat Girls. I want to tackle the issue of obesity in this country. I know it’s a lofty goal […]

Spring Break Essentials

Hot Girls and BBQ Sauce are obviously a must when planning any spring break road trip, but what exactly does today’s college student need when making the trek down to such Spring Break hot spots as Boston, Boise and the craziest, wildest Spring break getaway paradise, Haiti? Spring Break Essentials: Where to go on Spring […]

What’s in my Fridge

So, my birthday was last week and guess what I got? No, not a new brain. I got a new bike. See, my father says everything’s negotiable and when the person didn’t want to sell the bike, I offered him a million billion dollars. He still said no, so I stole it. But, then I […]

Anastasia Pierce Punches Me Hard

I had no idea that people paid Anastasia Pierce good money to do this. See, I was walking down the isle at Comic Con and I saw this really hot girl who was wearing close to nothing. Obviously I had to ask her to do an interview with me. She turned out to be a […]

Is Princess Leah Jewish?

I bothered this hot girl dressed as Slave Leah at Comic Con. Now, as the video shows, I had no idea who “Slave Leah” was. All, I knew was that she was HOT and half naked. Slave Leah told me that her real name was Kristi, that she was from orange county and that she […]

The Real Sicko

I woke up hungry. I was fasting remember. Showered and headed South. Crossed the border and apparently entered a time warp. You can watch the video, but it doesn’t even come close to what I went through. I have to say that the doctor was really nice. I left and went to get lunch. 3 […]