Virgin Mary Dildo For Easter

Virgin Mary Dildo For Easter I really can't believe it. I get an email today from the website, they were telling me that they have a special Easter Selection. Apparently, this includes a Virgin Mary Dildo. Even though I am Jewish, I feel like this is very inappropriate.  Totally disgusting and utterly blasphemous. Unless […]

DJ Cassidy Hot Jewish Girls Obama T Shirts

DJ Cassidy Hot Jewish Girls Obama T Shirts Once again, I got another message on my phone. I tried calling back the number, but all I got was a sexy voice with a voice mail. Left a message and told her to call me. I am thinking it’s a prank, but who knows? I had […]

I Have A Dream Let The Taco Bell Ring

Go back to New York, go back to West Palm Beach, go back to Fort Lauderdale, go back to Philadelphia, go back to Beverly Hills, go back to the suburbs and gated communities of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed. Let us not wallow in the valley of […]

Have a Great 2008

Let me tell you that Monopoly with debit cards is Bull Sh*t. First of all, you can’t get free parking since there is nothing in the middle to take. Second, instead of Boardwalk and Park Place there is Times Square and Fenway Park. Fenway Park? Are the Parker Brothers high? Like really. And rent on […]

A Random Commandment

One of the commandments tells you, “though shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” Well, I don’t covet anyone. I don’t even know what that means. Actually, if I were to covet anything it would be the awesome rice crispy treat that I am eating right now at the Egyptian Tea Room. So here is the […]