Why Apple is the best Porn Site

Some people may think that two hours is perfectly acceptable for a file that large, but I pay for turbo speed super fast internet because I like to look at boobs and particularly videos of girls farting on cakes, so a file that size should take me at the most 5 minutes. Apple gets so many things right, but for some reason they don’t get the internet, that’s ok, no one is perfect, but just come out and admit it.

Holly Sampson Pictures

Yeah The Holly Sampson Pictures are hot, but that is not the point. Out of the 10 or so girls that Tiger Woods is allegedly supposed to have slept with, I actually think that Holly Sampson is probably one of the least attractive ones. Anyway, this whole Tiger Woods situation is just really messed up. […]

Tempe12 Bikini Fashion Show

Tempe12 Bikini Fashion Show Phoenix is definitely hot. But, there are some concerning issues with Phoenix that I need to talk about. Scorpions. See, no one tells you that there are freaking scorpions running around here. Yeah. Scorpions. I swear to you, they tell you that you should “shake your shoes” because they live in […]

Celebrity Apprentice Girls

Celebrity Apprentice Girls I wish that I smoked crack. Not because I want to be a crack addict, but because at least I could go to rehab when I wanted to stop. Now, I am addicted to something that I cannot simply stop cold turkey. Yup, I am talking about the Celebrity Apprentice. Trump did […]

Cheetos Boredom Busters (Smoking Hot Phillies Fan)

Smoking Hot Phillies Fan For the Sexiest Cheetos Boredom Busters visit DailyTush.com! The whole world is talking about A-Rod lately. But, (and this is a disclosure I am a HUGE Yankee fan) the Phillies did win he world series. Since I am from Philadelphia, and since this website is about comedy in a sexy way, […]

Blonde Girls Raise My Blood Pressure

Blonde Girls Raise My Blood Pressure So, I have news. This evening I went to the drugstore for some random things. Saw what looked like a video game. Figured it was free so what was the harm. Inserted my arm into the cuff, pressed play and waited The numbers started flashing and after a few […]

Hooters Girls Love Fat Jewish Guy

Hooters Girls Love Fat Jewish Guy Wow. It has been a long and hard day. Don’t even ask, but I almost forgo to eat. Well, I almost forgot to eat not healthy is what I mean. The day started off great. I harassed Amber Lee Ettinger on her live chat. Let’s just say it was […]