Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Pictures

Yes, has uncensored Carrie Prejean pictures. It’s funny, I was not planning on writing about this today. The plan was to write about my new found love of biking and photography. But, I was online today and searched to see if the Carrie Prejean sex tape had been released when I saw that someone […]

Mad at Starbucks Again

Mad at Starbucks Again Seriously, I’m pissed off. Somehow, I got convinced that I should get the Starbucks Black Card. I used the gift certificate I got for my birthday and spent 25 bucks getting that thing. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Yes, I spent 25 dollars, but I was saving 10% […]

The Jewish Mafia

The Jewish Mafia Lost in all of the news about Barack Obama, the tie football game and America’s obesity problem, there was a great news story yesterday and if you blinked you missed it. The head of the Jewish mafia was killed yesterday in Israel. Now, I know that when we speak of the Jewish […]

Double Meat Animal Style

Double Meat Animal Style For those of you not within reach of an In and Out, then the above phrase means nothing to you. For those of you vegetarians, this phrase might as well go over your head. But, those who are in the know are smiling right about now. I had one of these […]

Why I Love Sarah Palin

Why I Love Sarah Palin Cause she is so freaking hot. Seriously, these pictures were just released of her sitting by the pool during the Republican Governors Convention in Florida this week. I wish I was there. I would walk right up to her and start talking. She would be like, wow your cute, lets […]

My Weekend in the Desert

My Weekend in the Desert Seriously, I love Palm Springs. How much more relaxing can you get then waking up in paradise, going out for coffee and then taking a walk. Walk where you ask? To get a massage of course. Shorty got me one for my birthday. (which is Wednesday by the way) Anyway, […]

Friars Road Pet Hospital Killed My Dog

Friars Road Pet Hospital Killed My Dog Not my current dog, there is no way I would trust Friars Road Pet Hospital with Pretzel, but we are talking about my other dog bagel. I thought of Bagel again last night while at services for Simchat Torah. If you are not Jewish then let me explain […]