Tonight I Rest

Tonight I Rest Doctor’s orders. I got yelled at. No blog tonight. Law and Order, food and a pillow. That’s my future.

Hot Girls Eating

Hot Girls Eating It’s late. Actually, it’s early, but since I’ve been up all night I guess it’s late. Anyway, Shorty went away and I guess I missed her last night. I also guess I was thinking about food, because somehow I decided to search the net for pictures of hot girls eating. Pathetic? Probably. […]

Another Day In Paradise

Another Day In Paradise I never want to go back to San Diego. Palm Springs is great. 100 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Also plenty of food. 1/2 pound of smoked turkey from Bristol Farms (they give away free cheese!) Another watermelon. 2 slices of matzo. And now, late at night I am making French Fries. […]

Time To Leave Hillary

Time To Leave Hillary I don’t know if I necessarily agree with this statement. This is America and we should be able to vote for the right man or woman. We have a crisis. Fat Jewish Guy just read that there is a food crisis going on. Apparently due to the economy prices are going […]

Hawaiian Tropic Zone Las Vegas

Well, I am back. Finally after 4 days in Sin City its back to San Diego and reality for me. I had so much good food, met so many cool people, and partied my ass off with Playmates, Penthouse Pets, Celebs and had an amazing time. However it’s time to sleep as I have an […]

Crazier Than Britney Spears

I am not liking too many people right about now. Quitting smoking sucks. No really. It does. But, I didn’t smoke today. Let’s see what I did do instead. Soup. Chicken. 4 tomatoes. 2 cucumbers. 3 heads of lettuce. Onion. 6 Dum Dum lollipops. 1 bag of skittles. Bowl of popcorn. 1 pita with melted […]

American Pig

Decaf. Potato Salad. Lunch – Salad, rice, miso soup, salmon. Walmart. Nap. Dinner. Are you ready? Chips, salsa, dip, pita, veggies, pigs n blankets, latkes, apple sauce, cranberry sauce, turkey, cakes, cupcakes, spinach puffs, pizza rolls, rice crispy treats, chocolate dipped strawberries. You wonder why this post is so short? It is because I am […]