Is Didi Benami Jewish

People are asking me if American Hottie Didi Benami is Jewish. The answer is yes. You see, in Hebrew Ben means son and Ami means nation. So, Ben Ami literally means that her mother was a slut. I mean, if you need to name someone after the fact that you don’t know who their father […]

Defending Jesse James

There has been a lot of talk lately about how Jesse James is despicable for ruining Sandra Bullock’s Oscar moment with his penis. While I think that having an affair with a Nazi fetish tattoo model is kind of hot but definitely wrong, let me defend Jesse James for a minute. I think that Jesse […]

Obama needs to pardon Bernie Madoff

Now that health care reform passed, America needs Bernie Madoff out of Jail. I would like to first state that as a non politician and a Fat Jewish Guy, I have no business debating health care. No matter what side of the debate you are on, I did manage to find something very very screwy […]

Why Gays Ruined Bathrooms

If one good thing can come out of the Gay community it is the fact that we do not need separate bathrooms anymore. Let me start by saying that I am not against gay people. If you want to be intimate with someone else’s butt, then that is your choice and I will not stand […]

What is Facebook For?

The obvious answer is to look at girls. But, I don’t think that is the reason why my mother has facebook, so now I need to rethink this for a second. Let’s look at the way I use facebook and maybe this will shed some light on the subject. I started using facebook around 3-4 […]

Spring Break Essentials

Hot Girls and BBQ Sauce are obviously a must when planning any spring break road trip, but what exactly does today’s college student need when making the trek down to such Spring Break hot spots as Boston, Boise and the craziest, wildest Spring break getaway paradise, Haiti? Spring Break Essentials: Where to go on Spring […]

Kathryn Bigelow is a Prostitute

Yes, I am calling Kathryn Bigelow a whore. Now, first let me explain that I think James Cameron is also a douche bag. (bye bye Hollywood dreams) If you saw the Academy Awards tonight you probably saw Ben Stiller dressed as an Avatar saying the kiddish. (yes he was speaking Hebrew and not Navi.) By […]