Rent Food Broke

Rent Food Broke What a true statement, I guess if you are a college student after you finish paying for all those things, you probably don’t have any money left for anything else. (unless you are a hot college girl, but we will get to that soon) Last week I had 4 root canals on […]

Is Cheryl Burke Jewish?

I’m not one to watch Dancing with the Stars, especially since I already danced with a star who was on that show. You don’t remember, really? Me cutting a rug in Vegas with uber shiksa hottie Stacy Keibler? Well, I remember, and I’m not saying anything happened, but if it did, I can’t talk about […]

How to eat a watermelon

Let me correct myself. The title of this post should be, “how to eat a 14 pound watermelon.” Actually, maybe I should have called it, “how to eat a 14 pound watermelon without spending the whole night peeing” Such is my life, I was hungry and with fat out of the picture and trying not […]


SmokeStik. The past 4 months can only be described in one word. SmokeStik. Before you think that Fat Jewish Guy has become a shill for an Electric Cigarette Company, you should read on to hear my explanation. Starting in April, life became a bit intense. Since I didn’t want to have to censor myself, I […]

Lane Bryant on American Idol

Amazingly our Shamrock Shake remix video has 11,000 views on it as of this writing. The original Lane Bryant commercial parody now has 65,000 and now there is a new Cacique Intimate Commercial Parody Video. Yup, tonight in American Idol they are going to air the “controversial” Lane Bryant video. We wish that they had […]

Jesus and Swine Flu

Readers of this website probably have wondered where we were all last week. True, it was possible that we were just really constipated from all of the matzo we have been eating, or lamenting the fact that Hot Jewish Girl Didi BenAmi got sent home early on American Idol, the truth is that in honor […]

Lunch with TMZ’s Harvey Levin

I didn’t really have lunch with Harvey Levin from TMZ. I just had an interesting conversation with him today regarding Ben Roethlisberger’s religion. You see, I wanted to let Harvey know that Ben Roethlisberger was in no way Jewish. Harvey then asked me if he was Polish. I replied that I didn’t know, and that […]