Football Players Cry

My heart was broken today. No, things are ok with Shorty. No, they had those little vanilla creamers this morning at 7-11. My heart didn’t break over the fact that I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch. However, I got very upset at the site of TO crying after the loss to the NY […]

100 Calorie Scam

So, Shorty tells me today that she bought 100 calorie Oreo Cookie packs. I was excited to try them. 100 Calories? This was gonna be amazing, I figured that I could eat like 5 packs and it would be cool. I was so excited that all I ate today was pretzels. (Shhh….”borrowed” them from a […]

Christmas Cookies

I love the holidays. True, I am in San Diego and there is no similarity to the traditional Christmas feel. There is no snow. No cold. No wind. But there is good news. We have Christmas cookies! I think I ate like 20 of them as I sat on the computer doing stuff. The frosting […]


Shabbat dinner was amazing. Apparently the Persian’s father is Australian. He likes to collect things. And tell stories on how he got them. I arrived early for the feast and was treated to his collection of art. This man is something else. You know the Dogs playing poker painting? He has like 10 of them. […]

Comedy at SDSU

Wednesday Night at the Egyptian Tea Room, San Diego’s best comedy room as voted by presents: Smalls (Mad TV, Las Vegas, Surviving Christmas, ER ,Bringing Down the House, Charmed, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper) Cate Gary Mark “The MoneyMan” Caveness Matt Knost It’s gonna be a good one. SDSU Comedy Club FREE — We are […]

Sick Sick Sick Sick…..Oh Yeah The Phillies Are In!!

Why is this happening to me? I shook the Lulav. I held the Etrog. I ate Gefilta Fish. I did what I was supposed to do, but I am still sick. Oh yeah, maybe it has to do with the fact that I am hanging out at strip clubs on Shabbat? Or maybe its my […]