Ghetto Chicks Watermelon Diet

This is crazy. Check this out. I have been awake for 15 hours and I can list in one breath what I ate. 2 pieces of chicken, salad, a tomatoes and cheese sandwich and 5 oz of steak. That’s it. OK, maybe there was some watermelon somewhere in there. Fine. Maybe it was a half […]

Paul Murad Phone Call

Paul Murad Phone Call Paul Murad from the millionaire matchmaker on Bravo keeps calling me. We keep missing each other because I am too busy eating. Just kidding. Well, maybe I am not. On the subject of food, today is my last hurrah. See, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. During that appointment I will […]

Fat Jewish Guy One Second Cameo In Hot Obama Girl Video

Fat Jewish Guy One Second Cameo In Hot Obama Girl Video I ate Arby’s Roast Beef today. I will never eat Arby’s Roast Beef again. It was nasty and disgusting. I thought I was getting grandma’s brisket. Instead I got crap. On a brighter note, the BarelyPolitical people finally put my fat jewish guy ass […]

Dog Eater Ice Cream Maker

Dog Eater Ice Cream Maker Ok, I am officially one of the most insensitive people around. Granted I was hungry. Really hungry, but when I went into Einstein Bagel’s I clearly was not thinking straight. I ordered one, plain, no cheese and was thoroughly enjoying myself when it hit me. I was eating a bagel […]

I Lost A Friend Tonight

Today was sad. Forget the fact that I started to get sick of matzo. Forget the fact that I haven’t gone to teh bathroom in two days. I am not even mentioning the fact that my dog is in the hospital. Tonight something happened. I lost a friend. Jesse L Martin is no longer with […]

Barack Obama Cupcake

Barack Obama Cupcake It’s Tuesday. That means primary day. It was gonna be huge. But first I had to deal with Bagel being in the hospital. The vet said he would hopefully be ok and he sat up so that was a good sign. I didn’t have Hebrew school today due to the holiday so […]

Carbs Galore

Carbs Galore I love the day before passover. I know, it’s technically tomorrow, but why not start a day early. Especially since tomorrow is the fast of the first born. I’m not really gonna fast, I think there is a loophole on that, Ill have to look into it. So, anyway, Bagel and I went […]