Funny Comic Con Video

Yup, I got a lap dance at Comic Con. Even better, I got a lap dance at Comic Con while sitting in Captain Kirk’s chair. Anyway, that is what I was doing while Shorty was putting away the stuff in our new place. I came home late last night and was shocked at how empty […]

Hot Fat Girls

Drop Dead Diva is crack. Yeah, I know that it is a show on Lifetime, but please hear me out. This is a show about a super model who dies and comes back as a “plus size” attorney. Seriously, the show is the most amazing thing to enter my life since Millionaire Matchmaker. Let me […]

Where to Get Diprivan

Many people after hearing about how Michael Jackson dies are asking me, “Hey Fat Jewish Guy Do You Know Where to Get Diprivan?” Well, I sure do. If you happen to be in Los Angeles and want some Diprivan, all you have to do is head south on the 101 freeway until you see the […]

I am a Fat Jewish Guy

I am a Fat Jewish Guy LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “Fat American Idol” runner-up Fat Jewish Guy has told Rolling Stone magazine he is fat, answering a question that followed the comedian for months since he gained millions of fans on the No. 1 U.S. TV talent show. “I don’t think it should be a […]

My Left Foot

My Left Foot Finally, I am back and writing. See, I’ve been getting emails from people wondering what Fat Jewish Guy has not been updated. It’s simple. I was kidnapped by a black man in a truck. Yup, stuffed in a trunk, I finally escaped last night. If you believe that, then you are an […]

Shira Lazar Loves Fat Jewish Guy

Shira Lazar Loves Fat Jewish Guy Look, I could write a very long blog post about how uber hottie Shira Lazar is really into me. See, last night, I was invited to a party at the W hotel. (nothing to do with George Bush) I went, as I was going to meet up with some […]

My Arm is Bleeding

My Arm is Bleeding My arm is oozing. My arm hurts. My arm is stiff. That’s why there will be no blog tonight. When will this end? Arrrrgggg