John & Kate and 8 Fat Jewish Guys

I have never watched the show John & Kate, yet I am oddly fascinated by their relationship. It kind of reminds me of my parents divorce, except for the TV show, the Ed Hardy, the book deal, Vegas pool parties, and Oh yeah there were only 3 of us. People always used to say that […]

Tempe12 Miss Howard TV Paulina Sherwood

Normally I save the Hot girls for my other websites. Today though I got some “inside information” that is too good to pass up. Next week October 15th to be exact one of the Tempe12 girls will be on The Howard Stern show. I am so jealous. Yeah, I was on the Stern Show as […]

Good Seasons Salad Dressing is a Rip Off

Wow, Fat Jewish Guy is taking on a salad dressing. What’s the deal? This is why I am mad at them. I always loved Good Seasons Salad Dressing. It was fresh and tangy and it made my mouth so happy when I ate it. So, it was with great pleasure that I went to the […]

Rosh Hashanah Recipes

As a kid I used to love it when the holiday came around. We would eat a great dinner, then get our Rosh Hashanah present, then not want to wake up in the morning to go to synagogue, then sneak out for bathroom breaks, then eat some more and the cycle got repeated. Now, before […]

Jewish Shark Week Alan Dershowitz

As promised Jewish Shark Week starts today. I guess we will start with the obvious category of Jewish Sharks and that would be Lawyers. Yup, Jewish Layers. Now, there are so many Jewish Lawyers in America and honestly most of them are good, but in our opinion Alan Dershowitz is the best. Congratulations Alan Dershowitz […]

Jewish Shark Week

Yes! Shark week is officially upon us. Seriously, I wait all year for this and since I now have a 50 inch Plasma HD TV, this year it it is officially considered awesome. As I sat down and watched the action, I started thinking…. (yes, here is where it gets dangerous) According to the people […]

Anastasia Pierce Punches Me Hard

I had no idea that people paid Anastasia Pierce good money to do this. See, I was walking down the isle at Comic Con and I saw this really hot girl who was wearing close to nothing. Obviously I had to ask her to do an interview with me. She turned out to be a […]