Are you a Leno or an O’brien

This whole Tonight Show thing while definitely entertaining has made me think a little bit. No, I haven’t been thinking about the fact that maybe I, David Feingold should have been named the host of the tonight show. My thoughts are more complex. I am trying to understand what I would do if I were […]

Patti Stanger on Oprah

As I was shoveling some pasta and red sauce in my face while walking through the living room Shorty stopped me. “Want to watch some TV” She asked, and before I could reply yes or no, she said with excitement that, “this was when the drama happened.” I looked confused as I was trying to […]

Elin Nordegren’s New Boyfriend Pictures

Yesterday my mom asked me why I hadn’t written in a while. I gave her some bs story about how I have been busy with work. I’m sorry mom, I lied to you, but I had a really good reason to. See, the past few weeks I have been living a double life. Before I […]

Skinny Jeans Workout

I’m not sure that I will ever understand women. Let me explain. This past year, I put on about 20 pounds. Not so much because I changed my eating habits, but since I quit smoking and also was immobile due to injury I packed on the weight. Now, when you put on 20 pounds you […]

Interscalene Block

I am scared. No, I am not of my new black neighbors. (just kidding they are Mexican) Nor am I scared that I paid too much money for car insurance. I am terrified of getting this Inter-scalene Block tomorrow. Yup, that’s right, it’s surgery time for Fat Jewish Guy. After the last time, I thought […]

What Tiger Woods Should Do

I’m Fat and Tiger Woods Cheats. Now, since being fat and being a cheater don’t seem to have anything in common, you may ask why I even brought it up. I mean, you get it, I like to eat. But what does that have to do with Tiger Woods and his wandering Pee Pee? Well, […]

Athena Cycles Studio City

I am very tired right now. Not because I have diabetes. Not because I took a benadryl. Not because I woke up early. I am tired because I rode a bike for an hour today. 10 miles. I biked for 10 miles, can you believe it? So, I’m gonna go to sleep and rest my […]