Best Northern Liberties Real Estate Agents

If you are going to buy some real estate in Northern Liberties then contact Abe Haupt. More on that in a second. However, if you want to have freaky sex with a real estate agent or at least fantasize about them while they are showing you properties, you should consider some of these ladies. First […]

Spring Break Essentials

Hot Girls and BBQ Sauce are obviously a must when planning any spring break road trip, but what exactly does today’s college student need when making the trek down to such Spring Break hot spots as Boston, Boise and the craziest, wildest Spring break getaway paradise, Haiti? Spring Break Essentials: Where to go on Spring […]

How Hank Baskett Lost the Super Bowl

I was rooting for the colts. No, I did not have money on the game. I do not bet on sports. I don’t know how to. Understanding the spread is too complicated for me. The only spread I wanted to understand yesterday was the spread that I made out of tomatoes, basil and onions. Back […]

How to Drive Women Crazy in Bed

Yup I have the answer to this question. All you have to do to drive women crazy in bed is keep getting up to pee every 5 minutes. Trust me, I know. See, the reason I haven’t written in the past week or so is that there has been way to much going on in […]

Avatar is anti Jewish

Yes I said it. Avatar and James Cameron are Anti Jewish and I can prove it. You see, in Hebrew Navi means prophet. We all know that Jesus was a prophet and we all know that Jews killed Jesus. Also, the Jews in Avatar want to kill the Navi prophets to get unobtainium. That is […]

Studio City Rain

Fat Jewish Guy will be back tomorrow. Due to the storms in Studio City and the subsequent power outage, I was not able to be funny today. Please enjoy this picture I took and expect more tomorrow. If you would like to donate money to me, please just give it to Haiti instead.

San Francisco Firewood Delivery

San Francisco´╗┐ firewood delivery is a really hard topic for me to write about. See, here is the issue…I have no idea how to spell san francisco. Yes, I know it is spelled properly in this blog post, but that is only because I keep the correct spelling on my clip board and cut and […]