Outed as a cripple

Thoracic Outlet picture

It’s always fun to be in the news for something, when I was a child it was the local Jewish paper taking pictures of me at local Amish camp, which made no sense considering I was Jewish.  As the years wore on in college I made the paper for going to some rallies and then in 2003 […]

When Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery Goes Bad

This is getting crazy. Seriously. Let’s recap. I had surgery. Then my stitches broke. Then I was in a cast. Then my arm filled up with fluid. Then I had another surgery. Then I got a 102 degree fever. Now, one week after the last surgery I was finally feeling better. The fever broke, the […]

How to get the Swine Flu (cause I got it)

How to get the Swine Flu (cause I got it) If you are a frequent reader of Fat Jewish Guy then you know that if something can go wrong it normally does. After two surgeries you would think that I would be back to normal. Nope. I started feeling achy and hot. I had chalked […]

Grown Man Cries Like a Baby

Grown Man Cries Like a Baby What a day. I realized a few things about myself today as evidenced by these 2 videos. The first thing I learned about myself is that I am a baby. Yup, I had to be talked down today by a doctor and a nurse because I was afraid to […]


6 hours to surgery. Today was all about doctors. First I went to get my second opinion. The guy came out with large scars on his forearms. I started wondering who did this doctor’s surgery and maybe I should just go to him. Anyway, the doctor agreed with the first doctor so the stage was […]

Legal Drug Dealing

It’s 1:20 in the morning and I am up. Normally, that is not something weird, I’m always up at this time of the night. So, what’s the problem? See, the issue is that I haven’t eaten all day. True, I had pasta and a 7-11 hot dog, but that was before. Before the doctor. First […]

Paul Murad Phone Call

Paul Murad Phone Call Paul Murad from the millionaire matchmaker on Bravo keeps calling me. We keep missing each other because I am too busy eating. Just kidding. Well, maybe I am not. On the subject of food, today is my last hurrah. See, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. During that appointment I will […]