Diabetes Bugaloo by Morgan Spurlock

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Went to see the Greatest Movie Ever Sold tonight and I must say i was amazing. Yes, I liked Super Size me, and while I may have taken that movie a bit to literally, I have to say that this movie I might take a bit more seriously. I have some ideas. Sponsored Blood sugar […]

Athena Cycles Studio City

I am very tired right now. Not because I have diabetes. Not because I took a benadryl. Not because I woke up early. I am tired because I rode a bike for an hour today. 10 miles. I biked for 10 miles, can you believe it? So, I’m gonna go to sleep and rest my […]

Why You Should Keep Smoking (a catch 22)

Why You Should Keep Smoking (a catch 22) As many of you know, I have diabetes and I am also Jewish. The latter has nothing to do with the former, but just thought I would point that out. Regardless, the past month I have had some health issues that I want to address. First of […]

Barack Obama Cured My Diabetes

Barack Obama Cured My Diabetes When I woke up yesterday my blood sugar was a bit high. My left arm was still numb. My head hurt from thinking about the dental work I still needed done. I was getting stressed out thinking about my student loans and all the work I had to do. Then […]

Chocolate Will Blind Me

Chocolate Will Blind Me. For some reason I thought that masturbation would do me in, but I guess I’m home free on that one. I go to the eye doctor yesterday. Yeah, I know, he wasn’t a “real’” eye doctor but one that works in a mall. I’m sure he went to medical school and […]

What is a Super Pear Girl?

What is a Super Pear Girl I’ll get to my latest obsession in a moment, but first I need to talk about Tic Tacs for a second. Yeah, Tic Tacs, those delicious candys that come in a small plastic box. So, as we all know, I have diabetes. But, just because I have diabetes doesn’t […]

Coolest Jew EVER

Coolest Jew Ever I have diabetes. We all know that. For those of you that don’t know what diabetes is, it’s a rare but curable condition that attacks the red blood cells, making it virtually impossible to pronounce the letter Q. Anyway, today I went out for frozen yogurt. Actually, I went out twice for […]