Asian Chicken Tender Recipe by David Feingold

asian chicken tenders by Fat Jewish Guy

David will be posting recipes on this blog, and also as well as David Feingold’s Google Plus page, David Feingold’s Facebook and twitter.

How skeuomorphism made David Feingold take a suppository

Flat iOS icon

This post begins at Relief sets in and David Feingold‘s blood pressure drops, but slowly starts to come back up as he realizes he committed himself to about 20 minutes of upgrading, which normally wouldn’t be an issue, but Feingold had just eaten prunes and drank some coconut creme coffee and little pieces of […]

Hottest Guy On Buzz (David Feingold)

It’s weird. Growing up, I was not considered attractive. My mother called me handsome, but you know that was my mom, she had to say that. So, imagine my surprise when I was contact today by the voices in my head and they told me that I, David Feingold was named the Hottest Guy on […]

Are you a Leno or an O’brien

This whole Tonight Show thing while definitely entertaining has made me think a little bit. No, I haven’t been thinking about the fact that maybe I, David Feingold should have been named the host of the tonight show. My thoughts are more complex. I am trying to understand what I would do if I were […]

The Yid With the Magical Lid (part one)

This is part one of a four part short story about the holiday’s. Called, “The Yid with the Magical Lid” this was written in college and still stands the test of time. Check back every day this week for more every day. Enjoy! The Yid With the Magical Lid… by David Feingold It wasn’t a […]

Shira Lazar Loves Fat Jewish Guy

Shira Lazar Loves Fat Jewish Guy Look, I could write a very long blog post about how uber hottie Shira Lazar is really into me. See, last night, I was invited to a party at the W hotel. (nothing to do with George Bush) I went, as I was going to meet up with some […]

I Might be Gay, Racist and Sexist

I Might be Gay Racist and Sexist Before you get nervous and think that I am switching teams, don’t worry, I’m not. I am definitely still HOT and believe it or not, other people seem to think so. Yup, I was recently named the “Hottest Guy on Facebook,” by well, me. (but who’s counting) Anyway, […]