Rent Food Broke

Rent Food Broke What a true statement, I guess if you are a college student after you finish paying for all those things, you probably don’t have any money left for anything else. (unless you are a hot college girl, but we will get to that soon) Last week I had 4 root canals on […]


SmokeStik. The past 4 months can only be described in one word. SmokeStik. Before you think that Fat Jewish Guy has become a shill for an Electric Cigarette Company, you should read on to hear my explanation. Starting in April, life became a bit intense. Since I didn’t want to have to censor myself, I […]

Holly Sampson Pictures

Yeah The Holly Sampson Pictures are hot, but that is not the point. Out of the 10 or so girls that Tiger Woods is allegedly supposed to have slept with, I actually think that Holly Sampson is probably one of the least attractive ones. Anyway, this whole Tiger Woods situation is just really messed up. […]

Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Pictures

Yes, has uncensored Carrie Prejean pictures. It’s funny, I was not planning on writing about this today. The plan was to write about my new found love of biking and photography. But, I was online today and searched to see if the Carrie Prejean sex tape had been released when I saw that someone […]

Celebrity Apprentice Girls

Celebrity Apprentice Girls I wish that I smoked crack. Not because I want to be a crack addict, but because at least I could go to rehab when I wanted to stop. Now, I am addicted to something that I cannot simply stop cold turkey. Yup, I am talking about the Celebrity Apprentice. Trump did […]

Will I be Loved Like Paul Newman When I Die?

Will I be Loved Like Paul Newman When I Die? I watched the Academy Awards tonight, which is surprising because Shorty was out of town. Yup, I thought that I was going to spend the night with some good old Law and Order, but I had to see for myself if this years “Oscars” were […]

Dancing Arab Midgets

Dancing Arab Midgets I so needed this video. Seriously, I am laughing so hard that it’s starting to hurt. Imagine if all Arabs were this size. The world would be so much better. 9-11 wouldn’t have happened. Iraq war wouldn’t have happened. Why? Because who would be afraid of this? I almost want to buy […]