Hitler Doesn’t Die?

Hitler Doesn’t Die? Just saw the new Tom Cruise Hitler movie. I don’t get it. You mean I sat through two hours and Hitler lived? What kind of a holiday movie was this? I mean it’s Hollywood, can’t they make Hitler be killed? They can make Brad Pitt into an 80 year old man, but […]

Chocolate Will Blind Me

Chocolate Will Blind Me. For some reason I thought that masturbation would do me in, but I guess I’m home free on that one. I go to the eye doctor yesterday. Yeah, I know, he wasn’t a “real’” eye doctor but one that works in a mall. I’m sure he went to medical school and […]

Mad at Starbucks Again

Mad at Starbucks Again Seriously, I’m pissed off. Somehow, I got convinced that I should get the Starbucks Black Card. I used the gift certificate I got for my birthday and spent 25 bucks getting that thing. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Yes, I spent 25 dollars, but I was saving 10% […]

They Should Have Called it 26

They Should Have Called it 26 Have you ever heard of a place called “The Daily Grill?” It’s a California thing and also what I had for breakfast today. By breakfast I mean Fish & Chips, shoestring fries and cole slaw. Needless to say I was stuffed to the gills after that, and I think […]

Android Apps I Want To See

Android Apps I Want To See – Daily Sexy Comedy by Fat Jewish Guy With the release of the Android phone next week I came up with a list of android apps that I would like to see created. For those of you who don’t know, Android is the new cell phone from google. So, […]

Fat Jewish Guy Gets High

Fat Jewish Guy Gets High “I was gonna go to work, but then I got high. Actually, my song should go something like this. I woke up checked my sugar, but it was high. It was up to 190 and I don’t know why. Da Da Da. Now I’m feeling crabby and i know why. […]

Daily Sexy Comedy

Daily Sexy Comedy Did you ever get that not so fresh feeling? Once in a while I do. When that happens, I only use Summers… I love that commercial. By the way blood sugar was 160 today, a lot lower then yesterdays. See, I am curing Diabetes! Started eating healthy as well. Tuna, salad, string […]