What is the Crunchy Stuff on Sushi?

What is the Crunchy Stuff on Sushi? Monday was a strange day. No so much for anything special that happened, but because I actually woke up at 8am. I got to feel the 80 degree weather, get some sun, walk the dog and it was just great. So great in fact that I decided to […]


Moogradbu Coming from me, you would think that Moogradbu is some kind of food. But, it’s not. I actually ate Chinese food tonight and believe me it was called Fried Rice, not Moogradbu. Moogradbu to me is a lifestyle. Well, according to Moogradbu.com it is. It was even on one of my favorite websites. Here […]

How to Make a Pita Pizza

How to Make a Pita Pizza These late nights are killing me. It’s 6am and I just ate a pita pizza. Granted, I woke up at four in the afternoon, but still it’s late. Maybe I just work better at night? No one to bother me, no one to talk to on the phone, and […]

Vicodin Valium and Frozen Corn

Vicodin Valium and Frozen Corn Fat Jewish Guy can normally handle pain. Today was completely different though. It was unmanageable. Let me explain. At 7am I started to take the Valium as prescribed by the dentist. At 8am, I took two more. By 830 when I arrived at Hatch Dental in San Diego, I was […]

How To Cook a Prime Rib

How To Cook a Prime Rib New Years was great. Took two days, relaxed and spent some time with Shorty and another couple. After two days with the other couple, I have new appreciation for my relationship. Anyway, that doesn’t matter so much. I learned a few things during the past few days that I […]

How Not To Cheat on Your Girlfriend

How Not To Cheat on Your Girlfriend I did a bad thing today. I cheated. The worst is that I got caught. This is what happened. I got an email yesterday from an old college friend. Not just any friend, but a girl that I haven’t seen in 12 years. Last I remembered she was […]

Pretzel Gets a Bris

Pretzel Gets a Bris Shorty tried to wake me up this morning but couldn’t. I was so tired and ended up sleeping till 2. Been doing that a lot lately, need to see a better doctor. I think I have mercury poisoning. Probably not, but that’s what google said. Anyway, the reason why Shorty was […]