How to Drive Women Crazy in Bed

Yup I have the answer to this question. All you have to do to drive women crazy in bed is keep getting up to pee every 5 minutes. Trust me, I know. See, the reason I haven’t written in the past week or so is that there has been way to much going on in […]

Patti Stanger on Oprah

As I was shoveling some pasta and red sauce in my face while walking through the living room Shorty stopped me. “Want to watch some TV” She asked, and before I could reply yes or no, she said with excitement that, “this was when the drama happened.” I looked confused as I was trying to […]

Is KFC Racist?

I was bored today. There is only one cure for boredom. Well, there are two but I happened to run out of tissues so I decided to go on YouTube to pass the time. I came across this video. Now as to the question if KFC is racist? You decide. [flv: 384 216]

Skinny Jeans Workout

I’m not sure that I will ever understand women. Let me explain. This past year, I put on about 20 pounds. Not so much because I changed my eating habits, but since I quit smoking and also was immobile due to injury I packed on the weight. Now, when you put on 20 pounds you […]

Coracoid Impingement Surgery

Last time, I wrote that I was scared of an Interscalene block. That was before I went to the doctor and had my surgery Now that I feel better, let me tell you what happened. I went early, 545am to the surgery center and low and behold, there were no salesman waiting there for me. […]

I am a Fat Jewish Guy

I am a Fat Jewish Guy LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “Fat American Idol” runner-up Fat Jewish Guy has told Rolling Stone magazine he is fat, answering a question that followed the comedian for months since he gained millions of fans on the No. 1 U.S. TV talent show. “I don’t think it should be a […]

Mina Stefan is my New Obsession

Mina Stefan is my New Obsession So, I was on twitter today tweating with Teagan Presley. Sorry, do you not know what a tweat is? Do you not know who Teagan Presely is? Let me explain. Twitter is a way for me to tell people what I am doing at all times. For instance, right […]