Shipping Out

I actually exercised today while doing a good deed. Let me explain. After showering and eating a scoop of peanut butter, I headed out to help a friend of mine move. What I didn’t know, was that her husband was deploying to Iraq on Thursday. So as I was lifting things onto the Uhaul truck, […]

The Producers

I am tired. It’s 4 AM and I just got home. Yes, it was another late night BBQ session with Joe Charles. Of course there was turkey involved. Maybe even some mashed potatoes. I mean potato salad. But, whatever food may or may not have been consumed, that’s not the point. The issue here is, […]

A Random Commandment

One of the commandments tells you, “though shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” Well, I don’t covet anyone. I don’t even know what that means. Actually, if I were to covet anything it would be the awesome rice crispy treat that I am eating right now at the Egyptian Tea Room. So here is the […]

Home Alone Spears Style

Waking up today was hard. My body hurt and I was still coughing. As I drove to go shake the lulav in order to fulfill my Kabbalistic duties, I heard on the radio that Brittney spears lost her kids. How irresponsible of her? I mean, my mom never lost me. Well, maybe once at a […]