Bernie Madoff the Economy and how the Stock Market Works

Bernie Madoff the Economy and how the Stock Market Works Sorry for the two day non posting, but some things went down that I had to rectify. Mainly my computer breaking. But that’s fixed now and back to writing. Now, I want to make something clear. I am not an economist. Never have been and […]

Ashley Alexandra Dupré Pictures

Ashley Alexandra Dupré Pictures If you have no idea who this girl is and don’t recognize her name it’s ok. Don’t worry, you will soon. This is the girl that Eliot Spitzer had sex with. (allegedly) I don’t know if I would have paid 3000 and hour for her, but definitely a few hundred maybe. […]

Palm Springs Comedy

Whats so funny about Palm Springs? Is there Palm Springs Comedy? I have no idea. What I do know is that it is paradise here. Woke up to the serenity that was the condo. No one around. I knew that there was going to be brunch, but I was hungry. So, I ate a piece […]

Winning Big

I got to see my cousin this morning. Hadn’t seen her in years, but after picking her up from the airport, it seemed like it was just yesterday. Took her to “Big Kitchen.” As always the food was great and the company was awesome as well. We sat outside and talked. After an hour, we […]

San Marcos Comedy Saturday November 24th 2007

This Saturday November 24th at the Chicken Pie Diner and Filling Station, San Marcos, California. 1020 West San Marcos Blvd Number 130, San Marcos, Ca 92078 8:30 PM Aaron Hughes Billy Robertson Justin Decker And FatJewishGuy (David Feingold) Plus 2 Special Guests!! 5 Dollar Cover.

Avrum’s Chullant

Saturday. It’s nice to get a day of rest once in a while. Not like I really do anything important during the other days. But, you get the concept. So, I wake up and get ready for lunch. Chullant. Which pretty much means I will be sick the rest of the day. I decided to […]

The Roof The Roof The Roof Is On ….

Yeah….. It was my birthday. I woke up to fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee and dark chocolate. No brisket today. There was a party to be had. A nice 40 minute drive north and I was working on 3 computers at once. I love doing it, but the treat was when lunch was served. Chicken taquitos, […]