Plantation Living

Two hot dogs for breakfast. I ate them while holding them in a paper towel. Then coffee. That pales in comparison to dinner though. In between, I taught. I have the best class ever. But then it happened. We were hungry. Drove around aimlessly then decided on Soup Plantation. I had never been there, but […]

Fat Jewish Guy Time warp

I can’t believe that I was in New York just this morning. Bu some modern miracle, I took off at 6 am, flew for 8 hours and landed at 10. I think it has something to do with a flex capacitor, but I wasn’t sure. San Diego hasn’t changed much since I left. The airport, […]

Wii Tard

I ate two pounds of meat. Seriously. But, Ill get to that later. I woke up a bit late and had to run to the airport. Big trip planned. Can’t tell you why. Just wait till Monday. But anyway. Get to SD airport and check in. Was kind of mad that they didn’t give me […]

Have A Bad Day

Ever have a bad day? You just want to get under the covers and sleep? I had one of those. Although , all in all it wasn’t that bad, it still is a day I would rather forget. It started with coffee. It always does. It ended with soda. It usually does. In between there […]

The Economist Hates Israel

I was reading in the bathroom today. I had a choice between Sharper Image and The Economist. Digesting food makes me feel intellectual, so I flipped open the pages and started reading an article. It happened to be about Israel and I kept reading. Biased is not a word to describe this piece. To be […]