FitBit day 2

Hot Girl Working Out

Normally the first thing I do when I wake up is go to the bathroom, then make coffee. I’ve been doing that for at least 10 years and it seems to work for me or at least it isn’t hurting me, since I continue to do it.

With the introduction of the FitBit though, I have to remember to turn it off, take it out of the wristband, put it in the plastic clip and then clip it onto my waistband. While this takes about a minute, it does mess with my head a bit.

Max Eli Style Lounge

I accidentally got a Faux Hawk today. I also realized that there are no fat metrosexuals. Let me explain. Waking up today was hard due to the fact that I was up late working on super secret stuff last night. (I will not confirm nor deny that I am perfecting flubber) So, it was a […]

Rosh Hashanah Recipes

As a kid I used to love it when the holiday came around. We would eat a great dinner, then get our Rosh Hashanah present, then not want to wake up in the morning to go to synagogue, then sneak out for bathroom breaks, then eat some more and the cycle got repeated. Now, before […]

Is Rachel Zoe Jewish

Shorty should never have turned me onto this show Rachel Zoe project. She tried to explain it to me that Rachel Zoe was basically a Patti Stanger type who runs around being crazy. Well, since I know Patti Stanger, I figured I would watch the show and see for myself. Guess what? She is not […]

Is Death the Answer?

Is Death the Answer? Now, before you go running to call the police or the men in white hear me out on this one. This morning I went to 7-11 to get coffee. It’s one of the brighter moments of my day, taking the 4 minute walk across the street, saying hello to the man […]

Bagel Dog Drinks Coffee

Bagel Dog Drinks Coffee Bagel is the best. I took him for some free coffee today. Watching him watch me eat was weird. I wanted to give him some of my salad and chicken, but I knew I shouldn’t. He will learn to beg. So, I locked him up and ate my lunch. He did […]

Pikes Place Coffee Sucks

Pikes Place Coffee Sucks I remember a time not too long ago when Starbucks was cool. “What’s that frozen drink you got there?” people would ask. “A Frappuccino,” I would answer, knowing that I was one of the lucky few. It was trendy. Sitting at Starbucks all day was somehow cool. Now it’s different. When […]