Ghetto Chicks Watermelon Diet

This is crazy. Check this out. I have been awake for 15 hours and I can list in one breath what I ate. 2 pieces of chicken, salad, a tomatoes and cheese sandwich and 5 oz of steak. That’s it. OK, maybe there was some watermelon somewhere in there. Fine. Maybe it was a half […]

Temptress Browne

My day pales in comparison to tonight. Woke up late, ate some stuff and had to meet the landlord in small claims court. I lost. The appeal is in the works. This guy managed to purger himself twice. Also falsify a receipt. His ass is mine during the second round. Then home to a wonderful […]

Hot Dogs Pizza Chicken

Wow. It is 5 am and I am still up. Who knew that eating and computers would be a full time job. Tonight I was working on APB Clothing. I know I know. I was supposed to be looking at Hot Jewish Girls, but believe me I did that already enough. So, since it was […]

Fat Jewish Guy La Jolla Comedy Store

Being a San Diego Stand-Up comedian is not easy. You deal with a lot. I tend to cope with the stress of getting up at the La Jolla Comedy Store by eating. Today though, I wasn’t performing. I had things to do. Waking up is always the hardest part of the day. The bed feels […]

The Economist Hates Israel

I was reading in the bathroom today. I had a choice between Sharper Image and The Economist. Digesting food makes me feel intellectual, so I flipped open the pages and started reading an article. It happened to be about Israel and I kept reading. Biased is not a word to describe this piece. To be […]

It’s Not Pink…It’s Champagne

Spending 4 hours at Radio Shack is not considered at date. However, you get to know a lot about someone when you do. I learned that I am totally ADD. No question. I learned that she is something special. No doubt in my mind. Maybe she likes dating big kids? Who knows. But afterwards, i […]