How to eat a watermelon

Let me correct myself. The title of this post should be, “how to eat a 14 pound watermelon.” Actually, maybe I should have called it, “how to eat a 14 pound watermelon without spending the whole night peeing” Such is my life, I was hungry and with fat out of the picture and trying not […]

Tempe12 Bikini Fashion Show

Tempe12 Bikini Fashion Show Phoenix is definitely hot. But, there are some concerning issues with Phoenix that I need to talk about. Scorpions. See, no one tells you that there are freaking scorpions running around here. Yeah. Scorpions. I swear to you, they tell you that you should “shake your shoes” because they live in […]

OrangeLime Sexy is Organic

OrangeLime Sexy is Organic There is an organic movement afoot and I don’t get it. I went to the market to buy apples. They had nice red ones for 88 cents a pound. Then they had blemished brown ones that were certified “organic” and they were 4 dollars a pound. I’m confused. It’s a freaking […]

Obama Shirts Taste Like Ju Ju Bees

Obama Shirts. They don’t really taste like Ju Ju Bees. I haven’t ever really tasted an Obama Shirt. What I can tell you is that Ju Ju Bees are awesome. I ate 3 movie theater sized boxes today. Football deserves something sweet no? As I am polishing off my candy, I am thinking of cool […]